all we have is now (etherealecstacy) wrote,
all we have is now

a giddy subway interstitial

first housewarming party was a success! 50+ people came, friends artists musicians...our backyard is a hit!:)

i maybe ridiculously broke but am having the time of my life. if this is the price i pay, i am tipping loads! overworked underpaid, two jobs within two jobs equals a hardcore workforce-permutation.

quantum salads and dimensional dressings.

memory turrets - stat!

one night going home from anxieteam show, ellen started chanting
"lots of hot girlfriends, got no hot guy friends..." and it's stuck in my head somehow. ridick.

words. hunger.
when a war is raging in your head, you snicker about a
rat shit shower.
red bull on a baby bottle, your mind flies as your body retires.
in our basement we're walking on the sky. gold foundations, dinosaurs protecting us from flesh-devouring flies.
protecting us from the night.

protecting us.

hunger power vomitting flowers

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