all we have is now (etherealecstacy) wrote,
all we have is now

robots vs. humans

was great being a human for three months.

the feel of warm skin. kisses on your back. dancing to music in the kitchen. pinning you down until you surrender. falling asleep while you held hands. on conversations of dinosaurs and asteroids. SCRABBLE!!! american and filipino politics. feminism. the absurdity of religion.

an actual intellectual AND existential connection.

wow. in a relationship.

unheard of.

the illusion of... love. love? what does that even mean?

humans are treacherous. why can't they be defined in 0's and 1's? why do they like complicating symbiosis with "feeeeelings"?

*muffled radio* *cue in rose
melberg appearing through a slit in my makeshift time-continuum.
she sings me a lullabye, not for my physical UN-pawn-self, but for that part of me that turned human, and is now withering again*

oh jason. cheers to your happiness.:)

hazel eyes, look away don't watch me cry
i will miss you less and less as time goes by
when memory is all that's left of this day
i'll wind it up and let it spin away


winter is upon us. i gaze outside the excuse of an opening that is called my office window. bricks. a frozen two-dimensional tetris game. beyond is a gray filter separating real and imaginary. i am pondering about what to be in halloween after realizing that a costume manifesting anamorphosis is too ambitious for my own sake.

even in relationships, i am too ambitious for my own sake.

story of my life.

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