all we have is now (etherealecstacy) wrote,
all we have is now

come on irene

tomorrow a hurricane will be hitting new york. the first one since 1985.

before we left for Maryland, i teared up knowing the lives of the people i care for are at risk. my new family. a city pregnant with dreams and ambitions - is now a potential Atlantis.

sure you would still be here. but you would be underwater.

there's probably a reason why i had this vision of cherries wearing snorkels. they were a choir. looking at me. i was looking at them from a high angle. a non-fruit spectator. they were waiting for me to signal something.

who knows if cherries need to breathe underwater?

*need i reiterate that absurdity and happiness always go together. albert camus is so right!*

i feel like we spend our entire lives working our asses off for security and permanence.
only to find, in the end, that they are all in vain -

we are merely a speck of dust. mother nature is a mountain. good luck with that.

words come to mind.

survival. permanence. vanity. immortality.

what legacy would you leave in a world that is underwater?
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